Canadian Farm Raised and proud!

You can trust that Maple Leaf Prime Chicken is Canadian Farm Raised. In fact, whether fresh or frozen, we’re proud to say that all of our poultry products are raised here at home, in Canada.

Why are we so proud? Well, like all poultry in Canada, our Maple Leaf Prime chickens and turkeys are free roam, which means they’re raised in open concept barns, not cages. They don’t get any growth hormones either, like all poultry in Canada and that’s important to us.

We believe Canadian families deserve to be raised on Canadian Farm Raised foods. That’s why we bring only our freshest and most delicious meals to your table. So next time you go shopping, look for ‘Canadian Farm Raised’ on packs of Maple Leaf Prime chicken and turkey.

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Flattened Chicken Editorial HR